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About Us

Export packing crates on truck
Regency Export Packing Kent ... When Quality and Pricing of Export Packing Are Both Important…

It's very tempting to cut corners sometimes, particularly when things are tight, but it really isn't necessary. Export packing might seem like a cost but in truth, it's an investment.

Wooden export packing crates stacked up
Excellence and Professionalism 

If you're shipping anything anywhere, the only reason to package it is to protect it, so you need to ensure that in order to get the best out of your investment ... your packaging, your crates, your wooden cases and ply cases, are all strong enough to do the job but not so over specified that you're paying for matrerials unneccessarily.

Fully lined wooden export packing case

Regency Export Packing Kent based services are able to design packing that will keep your valuable cargo safe and secure at the appropriate price. In this way you're happy, your client is happy ... and your accountant is happy.

Email or call us now to see how we can help you get the right export packing, Kent based or not, at the right price every single time.

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