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Onsite Mobile Export Packing Service You Can Rely on!

Regency Export Packing Service ensure that whatever you need to move, anywhere in the world, it will be packed professionally, on time and on budget.  The services we provide range from, Wooden export crates, plywood boxes, tropical pack cases and so much more. 

Export packing might not be the most exciting thing in the world but get it wrong and the results can be horrendous ... broken equipment, perhaps worse, broken promises!

When you have something that needs export packing and shipping, it doesn't matter whether that is around the corner or halfway around the world, it needs to be packed professionally, accurately and securely.  It also needs to conform to the export packing laws of whichever country it is being shipped to ... the costs of non-compliance can be massive ... your cargo could end up being held in a warehouse or dockside for months until appropriate fees or fines are paid.

Don't take any chances, contact Regency Export Packing Service now and we'll be happy to help you.

Onsite export packing
Close Boarded Timber Cases
Plywood Cases
steel packed
precision machinery 1
Exhibition & Reusable Cases
 High Quality Materials 
 Satisfaction Guaranteed
 Affordable Prices

If You Need Wooden Cases, Crates and Containers That You Can Pack Yourself...

All you need to do is call us for crates and that's what we'll deliver.

Every single one of our pre-made cases, crates and containers is manufactured from quality traditional materials such as PAR timber and exterior plywood, all sourced from renewable forests of course (all our timber is from renewable and sustainable sources). 

Your wooden packaging will be combined with the appropriate modern cushioning materials and closures so that you have the most cost effective, secure packing capable of withstanding all national and international travel whether by air, sea, road or rail.

Call us now for any of the following combinations

Close Boarded Timber Cases
Plywood Cases
Exhibition & Reusable Cases
Open Board Cases
Heavy Duty Pallet Bases
Pallets & Stillages
Treated Cases (to lSPM15)

Supply only or supply and pack, whatever's needed.

Customised Cases
Internal Fittings 
Polyethylene Foam
Cell Aire

External Fittings
Corner Protectors, Anti Tamper Screws, Castors, Handles, 
Hinges, Toggle Fasteners, Universal Skids, Load Spreaders

Polythene, Aluminium Foil, Kraft Paper, Barrier Foil, Cross Weave Plastic

Contact us now with any questions, whatever your requirements if for any reason we can't help directly we can usually put you on to a company that can

pre-made lined export packing cases
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